Specials & Support Services

Health Services:

FSIS is committed to providing its students with excellent health care services throughout the school year. The school's prime concern is to constantly evaluate and monitor students' health and wellbeing. The school employs a full-time highly experienced and well-trained nurse, whose main responsibilities include opening a personal health file for each student, giving first aide in emergency situations, assessing and evaluating each child's individual growth, administering immunizations, conducting regular physical checkups, hearing tests, vision screenings and following up on students' dental health. One of the nurse's main concerns is to work towards attaining the school's long term health goals and objectives, which are to teach students how to manage their own health and well-being, through the provision of an individualized health counseling service in regards to chronic illnesses, nutrition, disease prevention and working with students towards leading a positive lifestyle.

The school nurse is also responsible for monitoring students' absences: In case of sickness, she will follow up on their condition by getting in touch with their parents, referring them to the right hospital or specialist clinic, and submitting an attendance report to the Higher Council office.

If your child has any specific health problems (allergies, dietary restrictions, medications, etc.), please contact the school nurse at 2205-2822 ext. 8216 as soon as possible so that all appropriate arrangements or precautions can be taken. This information is essential for safeguarding your child.