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Library & Media Center:

Fawzia Sultan International School’s students have been actively participating in a school library program, which is intended to increase their interest in reading while learning and practicing library skills. The FSIS library has a modern multimedia center that provides assistance in supporting our students’ learning. It contains educational resources, and is designed as an information center that includes complete Internet research services. During their weekly library visits, students practice a variety of library skills, conduct research and enjoy reading. They also check out library materials for use both at home and in the classroom.

Library Rules and Guidelines at FSIS
The following are some of the library’s important rules and guidelines:

  • Students visit the library at least once a week. Elementary students can check out two books at a time. Middle and high school students can check out three books at a time. The books are to be returned the following week during the next library class.
  • Students cannot check out additional books or videos until they have returned the previously borrowed materials.
  • Students can check out the same book a gain, unless it has been requested by another student. The student has to bring the book to the library in order to renew the book for another week.
  • When a student checks out a book, it is their responsibility to return it in good condition. There will be a replacement charge for lost or damaged books.