The middle school department (grades 6-8) is presently comprised of 6 classes and both a teacher and teaching assistant in charge of the students.

Each homeroom teacher is responsible for the core subjects of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Specialists provide other subjects such as Islamic History, Arabic, Physical Education, Health, Art, and Computer.

Curriculum creation is ongoing to ensure that a challenging program is presented that also meets students needs. Continuity and curriculum is evident across all grade levels.

The middle school department works as a team, sharing ideas and problem solving when needed. Among the middle school staff there is a strong, positive and unified approach towards the education of our students.

Communicating positively and clearly to parents is a goal of the department, as well as creating a nurturing environment to encourage student growth.

Our students attend Fawzia Sultan International School because they have been identified as capable students with mild learning disabilities. As much as possible, learning gaps need to be filled and coping skills taught to ensure long term success. Our middle school students are fun to work with, eager to learn, and, like any other child, have both strengths and weaknesses.


Principal Ms. Helen Babbin


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