Students who attend Fawzia Sultan International School have been identified as intellectually capable, but also possess a mild to moderate learning disability. At present, the high school population is comprised of approximately 80 students. Typical class size is currently eight to twelve students.

The high school program presently offers a two-tier program of academics. One is designed primarily for preparing our students to attend local universities or Western community colleges, colleges or universities.

A second academic track is designed to teach students the high school curriculum at a level where they are able to experience academic success and continue to pursue a vocational career. Before a middle school student enters into high school, middle and high school teachers along with administration, counselor/ psychologist and parents meet to determine the appropriate program for each student. When a new student enters into the high school program, high school teachers, administration, the counselor / psychologist, parents and the students’ academic history (credits) are used to determine appropriate placement.

The high school offers an American curriculum, and is staffed with approximately 20 teachers who represent a broad spectrum of nationalities. The majority of teachers are specialists in one, or more areas. Each teacher is dedicated to serving the educational needs of children with special needs. Our high school staff work as a team and meet frequently in order to meet the needs of our diverse student body and to make improvements to the high school program.


Principal Ms. Helen Babbin


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