Fawzia Sultan International School offers a full range of educational programs designed to maximize the learning potential of each and every student. The school is dedicated to serve the educational needs of children with moderate learning differences

The school is organized into three departments: Elementary, middle and high school. Each department is supported by the specialized services of the school counselor, a school psychologist, an occupational therapist and a speech and language therapist, in addition to the specialized instruction offered by PE, Arabic and Islamic History, instructional technology, art , music, and library programs. Academic subjects are taught within an American curriculum in the English language, and Arabic, Islamic and Qur’an studies are offered in Arabic and with compliance with government regulations.


The program at Fawzia Sultan International School ensures that a written Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for each student is developed. In addition to identifying current achievement levels, the IEP will specify the instructional and/ or behavioral goals, objectives, and other relevant information about the instructional program. The IEP is based on your child’s own educational, social, and physical needs, and serves as a blueprint which guides the individualized program.

IEP’s are reviewed and updated at specific times throughout the year. The results of these evaluations are communicated to the parents.

Parents are partners with the school in the development and monitoring of the written IEP for their child. We urge that you participate fully in the individual IEP’s conferences which focus on your child’s progress.