Elementary School at Fawzia Sultan International School serves young children from Grade 1 through fifth grade who experience a mild to moderate degree of learning difficulty that has hindered progress in a regular classroom. Most classes are comprised of 8 students with a teacher and a teaching assistant responsible for the education of the students. The small class size and ability to work in even smaller groups with teaching assistants allows each student to strive for his or her best. The small size of both the school and classes ensures a co-operative, responsive environment for these young students.

Each homeroom is self-contained, with the teacher who is responsible for Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. The students also attend Islamic History, Arabic, Physical Education, Art, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Computer classes that are taught by specialist teachers.

Each student’s individual needs are assessed and addressed through modified curriculum and an Individual Educational Plan. The small class size and use of teaching assistants creates an environment where individual needs can be addressed. The entire elementary department and specialist teachers work as a team to ensure that students continually progress both through the curriculum and grade levels.


Principal Ms. Helen Babbin


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