Kuwait is situated at the Northern end of the Arabian Gulf. It is slightly larger than Hawaii. The low-lying desert land is mainly sandy and barren. Kuwait is a very modern city, and allows for a very comfortable lifestyle for expatriates.

Familiar products, restaurants and conveniences are readily available throughout the country. Travel to and from Kuwait is easily facilitated through a number of large and discount airlines. Its geographical location means that Kuwait provides easy access to all parts of the world but especially Asia, Africa, Europe, and obviously other parts of the Middle East


Kuwait, the prototypical oil-rich state, has more than ten percent of the world's estimated oil reserves, and is a leading exporter of petroleum. Tourists, who look forward to a relaxed entry into the Muslim world, can enter Kuwait, and wander around souks, mosques and other sandy traces of ancient Bedouin days. But, behind the extravagant richness, lies the traditional values and warm Arabian hospitality..