While the majority of our teaching staff originate from North America, FSIS happily employs qualified teachers from around the world, truly bringing an international flavor to our learning community. Our staff embrace the community spirit that exists at FSIS and work closely with one another.

Teachers are supported in the classroom by our educational assistants. EAs are locally hired staff who have an educational background in and experience with LD students. Our elementary and middle school EAs are assigned to a homeroom class, and transition to all classes (except PE) with the same group of students. HS EAs are assigned to a class or student based on teacher request or student need. EAs are flexible and adaptable individuals who work with many individual students, small groups, or even the whole class.

A full time literacy coordinator, math coordinator, and speech and language therapist further support our staff and students. These individuals work in many different ways including one to one support, whole class and small group instruction, as well as professional development for staff through modeling lessons, observations, and workshops.

Additional support staff consist of a full time nurse, registrar, receptionist, office manager, maintenance coordinator, cleaning staff, and guards.